Be Unique, Gear Up

"We undergo endless experimentation to build the better athlete, to build the better us. We are the products of our own madness: Of our cuts and bruises, of our tears and rips, of our bloody work and endless drive. We choose pain in exchange for results. We are Infinite Alchemy Gear." - From the mind of the Infinite Alchemist

We created Infinite Alchemy Gear to offer high-performance and high-quality workout clothes with some real creative flair. We were tired of finding only boring prints and colors in other high-performance workout gear. Our intention is to keep every design in our collection on a limited run; no more than 100 pieces of any one design, making each one unique. Our workout clothes can provide you with the same technology as you will find in your workout apparel from the big brands, but, at the same time, deliver truly creative and unique designs that you won’t find anywhere else! See it for yourself

Choosing the right Active Wear

It all comes down to what activity or exercise you will be doing. High-intensity and high-impact workouts will need clothing that is very durable, made of performance fabrics that are moisture-wicking such as nylon/cotton blends and other fabrics like bamboo, polyester, spandex and many more. For an example, check out our Womens Workout Pants/Capris. For other activities that are not as intense such as yoga, it is preferred to use fabrics like cotton, polyester or spandex, giving you the ability to stretch using functional body movements. Of course, our gear can be used for any choice of exercise or workout you decide. It also comes down to your personality, what you prefer, and what time of the year it is.

Active Wear

Activewear is clothing made up of sustainable materials taking into consideration style, comfort and allowing for functional body movements. These qualities provide the individual the opportunity to go from exercising in these clothes to wearing them comfortably and stylishly anywhere they please, which is why people are starting to transition to active wear. Our workout clothes and gear is designed for both high-performance level workouts and casual everyday wear.

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