Infinite Alchemy Gear was formed with a simple premise in mind. The idea was to bring bold, eye catching designs to practical workout gear. It sounds simple enough but we wanted to be more than just another trendy novelty. Instead, we decided to create an all-inclusive line of highly-personalized and creative clothing that act as an extension of your own personality. We were sick of seeing the same boring designs on work-out clothing and instead wanted to create something that's durable and fit for purposes whilst still bringing a highly creativity flavor to every piece.
Our journey starts with you. It starts with the desire to want more out of life and not settle for less. To want to break the mold. To try new things. To stand out against the pack as you go against the grain. Our family-run business is more than just a logo. We are building a tight knit community of like-minded go-getters that want to push their limits and stand out in style. Our mission is to aid in your mission. To nurture your creativity and promote a healthy body and mind for all in our community.
From the moment you find a beautiful bold piece of apparel in our store, to the moment we pack and ship it out to you. Each part of the process is highly personal. We pride ourselves in being very hands-on in our approach to business by offering an entirely humanized experience. You will always be speaking directly with one of us when using our service, rather than having to deal with yet another soulless corporation. 
Our Mission/Vision
Are you ready to step up to the challenge? The challenge of pushing yourself to your limits and achieving your fullest potential. It takes guts to be bold and go after what you really want, which is why here at Infinite Alchemy Gear we stick by your side as you break the mold and fearlessly chase your goals.
Our mission is to help you make an impact. You being a daring go-getter who won't settle for less. Who wants more out of life than to just get by and strives for excellence in everything you do. We are for people like you. Let us be  your right-hand man as you boldly pursue your goals. Each of our pieces of clothing is designed to not only be practical but help you stand out in style and show the world what you're all about.
We envision a world where everyone is fulfilling their fullest potential. Our aim is to empower as many people as possible to push their limits and be the best they can be. To be free to express themselves creatively how they see fit and be healthy in body and mind. We do this by offering a daring range of vibrant, one-off designs that not only look great but are practical and perfect for working out in. 
Adventure waits for the ones who dare to seek it out. The ones who don't back down from a challenge. The ones who aren't afraid to push the limits. Infinite Alchemy Gear was designed for the go-getters and doers, the world-changers and movers. We create workout gear and essentials that help you look as vibrant as you feel while you reach your goal. 
We believe bold living calls for bold designs. That is why, in addition to helping you push your limits, Infinite Alchemy Gear ensures you look as good as you feel. We've created limited, vibrant designs that will help you stand out on the trail, in the gym, or wherever your adventures take you.
So here's to you - the ones who take life by the reigns and never let go. The ones whose adventures are the only thing bigger than their dreams. Infinite Alchemy Gear is for you. We'll give you the durable support, quality function, and bold statements you need to make an impact. You'll take care of the rest with your tenacity and dedication. We'll be by your side as you push the limits. 
So what say you? Do you have what it takes?

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